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    For anyone who has done this recently...

    1st scenario... I currently have an individual unlimited data line on my account, but I want to add an additional line to the account. My only option online (better discount if purchased online) is to add another individual line and then call in to have a rep combine the two individual lines into a FamilyTalk Nation shared plan. When combined, do I run the risk of loosing my unlimited data once its combined?

    2nd scenario.. My wife and I both have unlimited individual lines on separate accounts. If we were to port the others unlimited individual line into one account and then setup for a FamilyTalk Nation shared plan. Does either unlimited line run the risk of being lost after the conversion?

    At times AT&T reps are with out a clue and I'm getting inconsistent information from various reps when I call in. Thanks for your help on this matter!

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    07-17-2013 06:43 PM
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    You always run the risk of losing unlimited data whenever you make a change to your plans, though in most cases you wouldn't lose it. Your first scenario is your most likely route to success to keeping unlimited data on your line. However, I would tweak this scenario just a bit. I would go into a corporate AT&T store and convert your plan to a family plan while adding a line without getting a new device. Then, come home and order the device online that is desired for the second line.

    For scenario #2 if you port numbers, you will probably lose unlimited data on both lines. However, I don't think that porting is what you really want to do here, since porting is from one carrier to another. Technically if you are staying with AT&T, you may need to do an Assumption of Liability for the second account and convert to a family plan at the same time. The unlimited data will be lost on the second line, but it should be maintained on the first line. This puts you back into a situation that is similar to scenario #1.

    Last year, I had an individual line that had unlimited data on it. I went to a corporate store to add a second line and pre-ordered the device that I wanted on it. I still have unlimited data on my primary line this way.
    07-17-2013 10:33 PM

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