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    Has anyone noticed a difference in signal strength over the past 2 months with straight talk?

    I live in the southern portion of NJ. During my first 6-7 months I had signal just about every where. Now there are dead spots that didn't exist prior on my route to and from work. There are also spots that I know had marginal signal prior and now the signal is non-existent. I know other people with att contracts and they report they have signal in these locations.

    My phone is a completely stock nexus 4

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    09-16-2013 08:12 PM
  2. clavodulce16's Avatar
    is very hard to track coverage as your on a moving vehicle, however if you did at some point have signal at a stationary position and now you don't this could be possible cell site repairs etc. It will be very hard for ATT to limit which site as an ST user would connect to. I do not see this happening.
    09-23-2013 12:55 PM

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