1. diesteldorf's Avatar
    I currently have an $80 annual plan for 2000 minutes that was purchased through a Page Plus reseller. I only use for call forwarding to and from my primary cell phone, because I didn't want to give Big Red the number.

    It may or may not be feasible to flash the Boost Mobile Moto G, currently $60 at Target, to Page Plus.

    Assuming it is, will Page Plus, allow a smartphone on line without paying for data or texting? Basically, could I activate a smartphone on my $80 Page Plus 2000 minute plan?
    08-12-2014 12:59 AM
  2. diesteldorf's Avatar
    Just an update:

    Page Plus will absolutely allow you to activate a smartphone and block texting and/or data if you wish.

    I was able to take a Boost Mobile Moto G, flash it to Page Plus, and use it just for calling on the $80 annual 2000 minute plan.
    09-15-2014 02:44 AM

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