1. infg3570's Avatar
    Hopefully I can articulate this properly. Recently,any pics I send my brother, from my Droid, isn't received on his iPhone. I tried sending him pics of my 2 year old this morning and nada... as a matter of fact, I sent my wife, my 2 younger brothers the pic on the same thread and none but my wife received it.

    My wife is on the same plan as me. She has the LG Dare. Both my younger brothers have iphones. The younger of the 2 lives out of state. They are on their own individual plans. The older one even tried texting me a contact card. I have not received it.

    What's really funny is that they both have received pics, from me, via MMS about three weeks ago. The older one has sent me his contact card also with no problem.

    Not sure what is going on.
    12-25-2009 01:26 PM
  2. Cory Streater's Avatar
    This sounds like a carrier issue. You might call Verizon, and have your brother contact AT&T. Both carriers are pretty good about troubleshooting these issues.
    12-25-2009 02:21 PM
  3. Jeremy's Avatar
    It's a carrier issue like mentioned above me. Even though MMS has been around for a long time they still can't seem to get it right...
    12-25-2009 06:03 PM
  4. infg3570's Avatar
    Thank you both for the quick replies. I'll do the prescribed over the weekend and post the results.
    12-25-2009 10:32 PM
  5. dank76's Avatar
    Has the MMS issue of sending pictures to Iphones been fixed? I tried after the 2.2 upgrade and still am having issues sending to Iphones.
    09-01-2010 12:42 PM