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    I've been on an older plan from Sprint for the last 4 years or so. I believe it's called Everything Date 450 plan. It's basically unlimited texts and data with 450 anytime minutes. It costs me about $85 a month incl taxes and fees and whatever.

    I guess sometime between the last time I upgraded and now, sprint did away with their 20 month early upgrades. In the past I just went in at 20 months, signed a new contract, and was on my merry way with my new phone.

    Now I guess it's different. I was expecting to be offered an upgrade on May 1 which would have been 20 months. I log into my sprint account online and it's telling me I'm not due until August (which is technically true, that's the end of my 24 months) but that I can get an early upgrade if I sign up for Easy Pay.

    I'm bending my mind trying to figure out how that works, and the chat people have been totally unhelpful with their canned responses. Sometimes their replies are so off the wall I wonder if I'm even talking to a person.

    Does anyone know what will happen if I go in there and inquire about this? If I sign up for easy pay, am I able to switch to the new $60 plan (non iphone) at that point? That would make my monthly cost only a little higher than it currently is, depending on which phone I got. Or will they make me stay in my current plan until my contract is up, thus paying the $30 or so for the new phone on top of the $85 I am paying already then allow me to switch to the $60 plan?

    I know I should just go in and ask them but my experience with Sprint has been that if you ask 5 different people a question, you get 5 different answers and I was much happier when everything just stayed the same and I just paid my $200 and was in and out without even having to figure anything out.

    I figure someone has to have taken them up on this early upgrade offer who is still technically locked into a contract that could advise what will happen. Seems like if I can switch plans right away it's a no brainer, but I'll have to think more carefully about it if I have to keep my plan and my bill shoots up to $110 a month just to have a new phone for the few months it will take to reach the end of my contract. I realize that when I signed the contract, part of the cost of my plan was to pay for my the cost of my phone over the course of the 2 years, so I could really see this going either way which is why I am kind of confused.

    Also, I keep seeing where people have been told the new plan is not unlimited data, but sprint's site says it is. I'm trying to find the catch or whatever but I don't see it...I really like my unlimited text/data, could care less about the talk part. I use maybe 100 of my "anytime minutes" in a given month.

    04-07-2015 04:32 PM
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    Easy Pay is taking the MSRP of the device, dividing it by 24 and paying that each month along with your normal Data Plan charges.
    Ex: The MSRP of a device is $696.00 USD which you then divide by 24 (months) and you get $29.00 which you are billed every month for the 2 years, if you choose to keep it that long.
    You are then eligible to upgrade that device after 12 months. You turn it in to Sprint, get you new device and it all starts all over again.
    Also, this does not lock you into a contract.
    If after the 2 years, you take your paid off device to another carrier, there is no Early Termination Fee as there is no contract to "break" per se.

    You can get the $60.00 plan, which is unlimited talk, text and data, then add the monthly device charge (ex, $29.00) and that is your bill, plus taxes, fees, etc.

    Hope this helps.
    Let me know if you have any other questions.

    04-07-2015 05:04 PM

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