1. hakoreh's Avatar
    I know this may be an odd question to ask in the forums but I'm really struggling monthly paying almost $250 including taxes to Verizon. Switching to another carrier is out of the question so I need to know am I getting the best value for my money? Can I take someone and put them on a separate line? Give me whatever you can - be creative I need to save money. If you need more info please tell me.

    Right now: 3 lines on 1400 Select Family Share plan insurance on 2 devices plus 29.99 data on 2 devices

    Average monthly use:
    Line 1 215 peak minutes, 1400 text
    Line 2 180 peak minutes, 50 text
    Line 3 330 peak minutes, 0 text

    thanks so much
    01-10-2010 09:11 PM
  2. Tux#AC's Avatar
    For your use you have pretty much the best plan for you. That being said if you are truly struggling I would reevaluate your use first. Do you need 3 lines? Do you need 2 smartphones? Can you cut back on minutes to drop below 700 (always)? Do you need to send ~1500 text? You may be able to move Line 3 to a super cheap line, and drop to 700 minutes but there may actually be an increase in charges.
    01-10-2010 11:07 PM