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    Hi, can anyone help me with my problem. I week ago I did flash my htc one x with resurrection ROM. but it failed, actually i dont know if it did really failed coz i can boot up on the system but all apps where stopping with an error almost all apps where not running so I cant do anything with the phone. I did try some resolution but nothing works. i did try to flash new rom but no success again. now i cant access the phone and even the recovery cant access the sdcard and it just stays on the htc logo. I i did try to use the RUU files but no success. I try the other RUU's but it didn't help. I already ask help from htc support but they say they cant support me because they say that my phone's region was from indonesia and that they cant cater my problem. can anyone please help me. Is there any other way to flash back to stock or to flash another rom if i cant access the sdcard of the phone. or can someone send me an RUU for my phone.I'll include here the details of my phone.

    hboot 1.73
    cidnum htc _044
    main_version 4.19.707.5
    radio 5.1204.167.31
    sn: sh25yw116383
    mb: 419g925b24025

    Please! I need help.
    08-30-2015 04:19 AM

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