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    I've been on Project Fi for about 4 months. Everything's great except for one issue... more of an OS problem maybe but hoping someone here might have an answer that will work on my device-carrier combo.

    Basically, there are several wireless routers I'm connecting to on a regular basis. One of them covers a large area and when I'm right at the edge of coverage, my phone gets a 1 or 2 mbps wireless B connection. IP address is there but there is no data throughput. If I'm staying in that area, I have to disable WiFi altogether in order to get anything done. Closer to router, I'll get "n" or "ac" speeds and good throughput.

    I sometimes forget to turn WiFi back on, though... which ends up wasting LTE data for no good reason.

    So... is there any way to disable wireless b in my Nexus 6 and leave the other protocols active? I don't have access to this particular router's config to do it from that end.

    10-11-2015 02:54 PM
  2. ElronTheElder's Avatar
    From xda, this might be useful: some dialer codes....use at your own risk.

    Force jump to Sprint:
    34777 = FI SPR
    Force jump to T-Mobile:
    34866 = FI TMO
    Force jump to the next carrier:
    346398 = FI NEXT
    Re-enable automatic carrier switching:
    342886 = FI AUTO
    NOTE: I don't know for sure, but I think you might have to do this code to reactivate the automatic network switching after using one of the above to force it to jump to a different carrier!
    Attempt to perform an automated "repair":
    34963 = FI XME (or if you prefer, FIX ME :P)
    I'm not yet exactly sure what this does to repair anything, but it throws up a dialog that says "Updating..." and adds a notification to the shade that says "Configuring your cellular network...". Presumably this is similar to clearing data in the Project Fi app and re-activating.
    Get information about the current network:
    344636 = FI INFO
    The info in here isn't really all that useful. You can get better/more interesting info elsewhere.
    10-12-2015 08:20 AM

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