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    I just started using Fi last Friday with a Nexus 6p, and was surprised to see that in most cases wi-fi calling is not being used. I'm generally in areas with good signal strength and have been noticing that all my calls are going over cellular. I ensured that wi-fi calling was enabled and proved it by going into airplane mode, turning on wi-fi and still being able to make a call. But once I have a cellular connection again, the phone uses that over wi-fi. I see no setting to have the phone prefer wi-fi to cellular.

    This is fine where I am now, and anywhere within the US where we get free unlimited calls, but one of the selling points was that I could use wi-fi calling while traveling abroad. So, does anyone know if the phone will switch to preferring wi-fi over cellular for calls if I'm roaming internationally? If not, does one have to manually switch it to airplane mode with wi-fi turned on just to make sure the call is over wi-fi?
    11-04-2015 04:17 PM

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