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    Looking to switch but I have a problem. Is anyone using unlocked AT&T phone that DOESN'T have Band 12 on T-Mobile? I'm asking because I know an LG G2 and Moto G from AT&T don't have Band 12 but they are compatible with 1900 and 1700/2100. But I went to a T-Mobile store today to switch and they told me that although the phones have the old bands, without Band 12 the service would be so poor that they would be virtually unusable. And they insisted I would have to buy new phones. I checked online with a chat agent who confirmed what they said. Now, T-Mobiles Extended Range LTE is fairly new and not even rolled out everywhere, so am I to believe that the majority of BYOD users from AT&T have horrible service? I suspected the store guys were just trying to get me to buy new phones but when it was supported by online chat I can't help but think that's the company line. It just doesn't make sense to me.

    So anybody have any experience with this?

    ...Joe K.
    06-11-2016 09:29 PM
  2. Jerry Hildenbrand's Avatar
    Have a look here: Map of T-Mobile's 700 MHz spectrum

    Pink areas is where they have the license to deploy band 12 coverage. Actual locations where it is rolled out are marked with an icon.

    If you live in one of those spots, it will make a difference. If you don't, it won't matter.
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    06-11-2016 10:09 PM
  3. ratsttam's Avatar
    I had purchased an HTC M8 a couple weeks before they lit up band 12 here. The difference was night and day when I switched to the M9 which supported band 12 (the m8 doesn't).

    Band 12 has a much further reach, as well as building penetration. I went from having LTE two desks over (literally 15 feet to my right) by the window and no service at my own desk, to having full bars throughout the whole office.

    That said, if you're in an area that you're getting a strong signal without band 12, than you're not missing anything, as I'm told that band 12 is only supposed to be active when you're out of reach of the main frequencies.

    My suggestion, use that already paid for phone and see how it goes, and if it doesn't go well, then you can "upgrade" to one that supports band 12.
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    06-11-2016 11:59 PM

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