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    My daughter had her note 8 for 18 months.

    But because I live in the wonderful state of NJ I lost the ability through state legislation to purchase this phone once entering a month-to-month rental of the phone. Unknown to myself and my wife, NJ doesn't allow Sprint customers in a month to month payment to do anything but return the phone. It isn't eligible to purchase, or set up the 6 months lease payment to own.
    Really a heartbreaker for my daughter.

    I ordered an S10 plus unlocked through another carrier and without getting in any trouble I'll leave it at that. I'm really freaking tick'd.

    In short notice all the states in darkened letterering.
    After your 18 month lease, you have to upgrade, or you will never own the device in these highlighted States, unless you purchase right after the 18th month. But wow you can upgrade the day after the 18th month. wtf

    She decided earlier today she wanted to purchase the phone for the remaining purchase price, but because she didn't do it right at the end of the 18th month, the phone automatically went into a month to month rental without notifying me, and now I must return this phone back to Sprint.
    I cannot buy it, I can continue to pay for it as a month to month rental, but eventually they will issue a failure to return, and then $999 will become due.

    So this phone is on his way back!!!
    And the State of NJ can blankety blank blank blank along with Sprint. They said they notified everyone via email about this in 2018. Well I save all my emails from Sprint and I have nothing.

    Please double check your state you're in rules. I posted the notice, so hopefully everyone gets a chance to see it and not make the same mistake I did.
    see Below
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    04-03-2019 10:48 PM

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