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    I’m having a couple of consistent, frustrating issues with the app on my phone. I have the current version of the app and it’s up to date but both of these issues have existed for me for some time across multiple updates.

    Firstly, there seems to be a consistent playback problem when playing from my own device as opposed to a streaming service. I’ll select a song from a playlist and it’ll normally play fine but then 90% of the time at the end of the song, it will encounter an error as opposed to playing the next song. It will then either stop for some reason keep working down the playlist but skip multiple songs with an error message before finally playing one much further down the playlist after a long pause.

    Secondly, regardless of whichever music service I am playing from, Sonos will quite often just disappear from my notification bar and I won’t be able to control volume without going into the app. So usually when starting to play something, Sonos will be in my notification bar or lock screen and if I press the volume key, I’ll be able to adjust the Sonos group volume without going back into the app. Frequently though, the notification banner will just disappear (even though the song/podcasts are still playing) and when I click on the volume, Sonos will not be an option to adjust.

    Both of these issues have occurred for me across different Android devices. Any suggestions for how to fix them?
    06-29-2020 05:09 AM
  2. anon(10614692)'s Avatar
    You didn't state which app you are referring to. If it's the Sonos S2 app read the comments on the Play Store. Many have problems so it would be an idea to reach out to Sonos for support since the problem is their app,
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    06-29-2020 06:10 AM

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