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    Halo please help I am despaired. I used to use my phone N710F note4 in my car connected through BT as hands free and radio, and it worked just fine. I used Tunein as a world radio and sometimes I used “Radio garden”. Unfortunately, that program offered me “a car mode” and I decided to try it. That was a big, big mistake. Since then every time my phone connects to my car the “car mode” interrupts the connection after witch the BT again tries to reconnect and that ends up in a never ending cycle of 2 seconds car radio playing and 2seconds of reproduction through the phone. With a bit of imagination you can imagine the grave safety hazard this creates when one I driving. I went through all the menus . . . yes the assist aps too. I even reset my phone to factory default. The difference now is that instead of switching on the car mode the phone interrupts the BT with the menu “complete action using…” and offers car mode, s voice and google search. Needless to say, all three options end up in the same spiral. I have no idea what “action” the system is trying to “complete”. The BT connects, everything is fine for 2 sec end then android decides to intervene with is pointless question breaking the connection up. The funny and terrible thing is that my phone’s BT connects to all other devices, even other car BT’s with no problems. Just like it used to connect to my car for more than 2 years. Unfortunately, I had the stupid idea to confirm to it (my phone) that this is my car’s BT. From then on, it’s like my car’s BT has been blacklisted. Even after reset to factory default. I have been searching the net for more than 3 months with no success. Please help if you can.
    PS My phone is a Samsung Note 4 and a Yatour Bluetooth module. Witch works fine with other phones by the way.
    06-29-2020 08:48 PM

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