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    WhatsApp Audio File Created and Sent by Itself – A Mystery!!
    Here are the facts:
    1. On Thu 30 July 2020 @ 08:35 am my wife’s phone sent a 6.00 minute long audio file to our Family WhatsApp group. This audio file is called PTT-20200730-WA0000.opus and is dated 30/7/2020 @ 08:35. Our son immediately sent back a message “Mum did you send a voice message to us by accident? It sounds like you're watching a gameshow.”
    2. When we listened closely to the audio file you could hear that the voice is my wife’s, and we are clearly having our dinner whilst watching Pointless followed by the 6:00pm evening news. The last 1.5 minutes of the clip you can hear the ITV Meridian News; it’s a Friday and it's not London news (where we live)! On top of that the first news item is about hairdressers reopening, which happened at midnight on 3 July 2020 when we were away in Eastbourne! So, the question/puzzle is how does an accidental recording from almost a month ago get sent by WhatsApp from my wife’s phone by itself nearly 4 weeks later?
    3. I have connected both my wife’s and my own phones to my PC and used File Explorer to interrogate every file on her phone. I have done a search for *.opus and listened to every opus audio file that is on her phone. There is only one copy of the file that was sent and it is clearly dated 30 July 2020 @ 08:35 am. This file is only located in /storage/emulated/0/WhatsApp/Media/WhatsApp Voice Notes/2020##.
    4. There are two significant questions here:
    a. How does her phone record a random piece of our lives that is exactly 6.00 minutes long without us knowing on Friday 3 July 2020 @ 17:56 – 18:02 pm?
    b. Where does this file get saved such that WhatsApp suddenly gets hold of it, renames it, re-dates it and then sends it out to our Family group? Again, all by itself!
    5. A technician in our local phone shop showed me how easy it is to send an audio file in WhatsApp. You simply tap the paperclip, tap Audio File and then tap the file you want to send. However, when I do that on my wife’s phone, THERE ARE NO AUDIO FILES in the list! I could only find this audio file by connecting her phone to my PC. So, I cannot see how my wife could have found this audio file recorded nearly 4 weeks previously, renamed, re-dated it and sent it to our Family group by accident. She is not that technically proficient and even I couldn’t do it deliberately on a smartphone.
    6. Whilst looking at all the *.opus files on my wife’s phone, I did come across another random file that was recorded on 16/07/2020 but it was only 5 seconds long and only had her saying one or two words. Which app is doing this and how is it starting & stopping the recording?
    7. So, we have an unexplained mystery. Can anyone throw some light on how this could have possibly happened?
    07-31-2020 08:45 AM
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    I moved this from the Android Apps forum to the General Help forum since the former is intended for developers to promote their apps.
    07-31-2020 12:44 PM

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