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    RIP, Dark Sky now dead on Android. I got the email notifying me that the sub has been cancelled, but no notice of refund yet. I chatted online with Google Play support (amazingly, no wait at all!) and they confirmed that the refund should be credited back to my credit card within 2 weeks. So if any of you subscribed and are wondering where the refund is, give it a couple of weeks.

    On the Dark Sky blog, they specifically say that all active subscribers will receive a full refund, so make sure you get your $2.99 back, not a prorated refund. https://blog.darksky.net/dark-sky-has-a-new-home/

    I know there are other threads discussing alternatives, but I'll just put another plug here for the one I decided on: Transparent clock & weather
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    08-01-2020 02:12 PM

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