1. enginestar's Avatar
    I want to install Android on a Windows phone...
    I don't want to dedicate 2 hours of my life + not being sure of the outcome.
    Just wanted to know what the time needed was?
    Happy to waste 10 minutes of time.
    I searched around... and instructions seem to be a few years old.
    Just wanted to know if there was an upto date version for instructions?

    12-01-2020 11:35 AM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    All you have to do is add the phone interface to Android AOSP. If you're a really good developer, that shouldn't take more than an 8 hour day. If not, you probably can't. (Unless you find a ROM for the specific model Windows phone, I wouldn't even bother wasting the minutes it takes to think about it.) Android isn't like Linux - you can install it on any hardware. It has one layer that has to be written for the specific hardware, and no one has yet written any interface, for any version of Android, for any Windows phone.
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    12-01-2020 11:58 AM
  3. L0n3N1nja's Avatar
    I guarentee if it's possible, it will take far more than 10 minutes to do.

    On a side note I couldn't even imagine running Android on windows phone hardware, specs were always low end, even for the flagships. Now they are all 5 plus years old, I bet even texting would lag.
    12-01-2020 12:24 PM
  4. J Dubbs's Avatar
    Windows phones died for a reason No need to bring back the walking dead lol.

    Although we have at least 4 windows phones floating around, one of them is an Alcatel Idol 4S.... it actually had some of the best specs for the last of the windows phones. I have to be honest, the idea is intriguing. It's basically just garbage otherwise ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    12-02-2020 08:29 AM
  5. belodion's Avatar
    It’s a pleasant fantasy, but if it could be done in anything like a practical way, I think that the reality would be a phone that was unbearably slow, that overheated, that ate battery, and on which some things didn’t work well or didn’t work at all.
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    12-03-2020 07:00 AM
  6. enginestar's Avatar
    Guys, I didn't see replies to my question until now.
    I won't waste my time trying to install.

    BUT... I would say the Windows interface is really refreshing and different. I would go as far as to say I love it!
    I've got a Nokia. I can't do much with it - the app store is non functional.
    I would compare to how people like stock Android - rather than some bloated wacky and fireworks exploding interface.

    Oh well. RIP Windows phones.
    12-08-2020 08:12 PM

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