1. onumis's Avatar
    My wife and I are looking to switch carriers and I saw some deals on wirefly. I was just looking to get feedback on if they are a good company to go through. I also saw the option to switch our current numbers but I was curious as to whether they switch when we get the phones or when our numbers on our current service would become deactivated. I didn’t search the forums since I’m at work to see if this has been asked before just trying to get a quick post up.
    08-05-2011 11:21 AM
  2. Moscow Desire's Avatar
    Sometimes, a carrier will keep your old number and transfer it, if they can. It's carrier specific, but usually, they give you a new number.

    But, as I am free and non-carrier restricted, I can thus not tell you about wirefly. However, I am curious as to which country/region they operate from.
    08-05-2011 12:03 PM