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    Hi guys. I just got my Samsung Captivate today, and was had a quick question about MicroSD cards. Is it possible to save (almost) all data on my phone directly to my SD? This includes, apps, app data, emails, etc. My reason behind this is, in case the phone breaks or anything, I have all of the data already in the card. I am not interested in a backup app, but I was wondering if there was just a setting to set the MicroSD to the default memory. Also, is it possible to transfer all of my stuff to my SD (not backup, because I don't want anything in my internal memory)? I don't have an SD yet, and I want to start downloading apps and music. Thanks for your support
    08-16-2011 01:37 AM
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    This is a rather complicated question, as there are several things involved.

    A branded phone, typically cannot save the apps to sd. If you try to move a previously installed app to the sd, it will only move a portion of it. The rest resides in internal ph memory. For example a weather widget. If you move it to the sd card, especially while running, you'll find it no longer functions in most cases.

    If you root the phone, you open up a few more options. Like moving portions of a branded app to sd. Once again, it may not move the entire app to the sd, only a portion, but your chances increase.

    If you install a program, like Apps2sd for example, your odds are dramitically increased that you can move the entire program to sd, while it installs. This is the best case scenario.

    This is why people use apps like Titanium BU for example, or a few other apps (some require root, some not). They can get a new phone, and then hopefully restore some of the apps without having to download again. If you try to just insert the sd into a new phone, probably nothings going to happen.

    Your stock sms app, is a system app. Probably can't move it, nor should you mess around with system apps, and even if you use a 3rd party sms app, like Handcent, don't remove your stock sms app, or nothing will work.

    Hope this helps a little.
    08-16-2011 04:26 AM

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