1. BERN-ie5's Avatar
    A friend gave me his old office computer. It has Windows XP in it, but no way to connect to my home WiFi network. My HDTV, & PS3 connect no problem wirelessly. So apparently I need the computer to have this file/program called "tetherxp.inf" installed in it. So what i've done is download the program from the web using my phone. Its now sitting in my phone & I dont know how to transfer the program to the computer ~ I am computer illiterate, so when i plug the phone to the computer clicking on USB mass storage ~ the computer sees/reckognises the phone ~ but i dont know how to transfer the file from the phone into the computer *?
    08-25-2011 01:30 PM
  2. ls377's Avatar
    A folder should open up once you connect it, but that might not happen with XP. Go into My Computer and look for the device (may be Removable Disk G/ or something like that) and open it up, this will give you the internal storage. If you have an external SD in your phone, two will show up, so you'll have to guess at which one is which.
    08-25-2011 02:41 PM
  3. Mok Hong Lim's Avatar
    How to connect my samsung galaxy note2 to my windows xp
    03-27-2013 06:42 AM