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    I downloaded the "Backgrounds" App form the market a while back (See below), and now I'm having a problem with all of my wallpapers. It seems that one time, instead of choosing my wallpaper from Menu> Settings>Wallpaper>Gallery, I did the same, only I chose the "Backgrounds" App I downloaded from the market.

    Upon doing so, it gives you a couple options of how to display the image, one scrollable, the other 2 aren't. Now, Whenever I go into my gallery and choose a background that has previously worked fine "fullscreen," it gives me a small portion to choose from, which is not resizable. It blows up the size of the wallpaper, and makes the image look crappy.

    Any ideas?? I'm really irritated here. The link for the app is below, and I'm just running a stock Droid X with the GB update.

    Help me, please!

    09-01-2011 08:04 PM