1. ilovexperia's Avatar
    I have a 2 GB Micro SD card in my phone, currently. I bought 8GB card. I'd like to move all of the data from the old card to the new card. And also, I'd like to move all of the apps from the phones internal storage to the new card.

    Which is the best way to move all the data to the new card?

    09-21-2011 01:01 PM
  2. Moscow Desire's Avatar
    2 things,

    1. To move data, just format your new sd to FAT32. Preferably with your pc's card reader.
    Copy your existing data from the old card to your pc, then copy it to the new sd.
    2. To move your apps to SD, you will have to root your phone. Then, install an app like "apps2sd" for example. Sure, on a stock phone, you can go into the application manager and select "move to sd", but it really doesn't move the app. Only a small peice of it, like the database, or app cache or something similar. To move the entire app, you will have to root.
    09-21-2011 01:33 PM