1. billyblastoff321's Avatar
    Don't know if this has anything to do with the new Google Maps app update I installed today, but here's the situation... When doing a Google search for an area business or attraction, on the Google search results page is a gray rectangular box; the top half shows the phone number, and the bottom half of the gray box says "Show Map". In the past when I'd click "Show Map" a dialogue box would pop up asking me if I wanted to open up the map in the native android Google Maps app, or with the browser. It would also ask which of those 2 ways I would like to make the default action in the future. But today when I click "Show Map", it only takes me to the horrible browser version of the map... the Google Maps app doesn't launch, even though in the past I had set that as my "launch by default" option. I verified by going to settings / manage applications / browser that the browser is not being invoked by default behind the scenes. Any ideas? I really want hitting "show map" on a goosearch results page to bring up Google Maps app like in the past.
    05-11-2010 11:04 PM