1. cruisinkc3's Avatar
    I currently have a Droid incredible but am due an upgrade and will be upgrading to a 4g LTE phone more than likely. I just wanted to know if I currently have an unlimited data plan, will I be able to keep it when upgrading my phone? I know originally when these tiered plans came out Verizon said they would honor the unlimited data plans..but I just wanted to make sure and know what to expect when trying to upgrade. Thanks.
    10-05-2011 04:51 AM
  2. DINGSTER1's Avatar
    Short answer- yes.
    10-05-2011 05:21 AM
  3. jurm0001's Avatar
    i concur .. having verizon and the only way the plan will be changed is if you remove the data plan and try to add it again later.
    10-05-2011 08:26 AM
  4. Devinator's Avatar
    I would have to agree, but, ya never know when a business will change it's practices.

    Why not call up Verizon, ask to speak to a supervisor, and, ask them the question. If they say you wont lose it, get their employee ID. If they say you will lose it, maybe try calling back and speaking to another supervisor. If they all say you will lose it, you can always try to bargain to keep it with a supervisor. Say your unlimited data was the only thing keeping you with Verizon. If they agree, make sure to get their employee ID. I'm sure they record calls and can review it if they try and reject you later. I have had recorded calls save me from problems with Comcast before.
    10-05-2011 08:34 AM