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    My Samsung replenish has no problem playing ringtones and text tones, but it won't play unlock, lock, keypress, etc UI sounds. I've got my phone set up with a custom start up sound, and it used to play custom UI sounds just perfectly. One day it just stopped, and I've been logcat-ing it for weeks trying to find fixes to this problem. I reinstalled the stock UI sounds I kept in backup and tried many different .ogg files, I data wiped/factory reset the phone (which by the way still leaves it rooted and such), and anything else google could help me with doing. It still won't play any UI sounds .

    The errors I am getting when I lock/unlock are as follows:
    E/MediaPlayerService( 87): error: -2
    E/MediaPlayer( 138): Unable to to create media player
    E/RingtoneManager( 138): Failed to open ringtone file:///system/media/audio/ui/
    D/KeyguardViewMediator( 138): playSounds: failed to load ringtone from uri: fil

    Does anyone please have any clue as to what I could try to fix this problem?
    10-09-2011 04:50 PM