1. RobDroid88's Avatar
    Hello there I am having an issue trying to restore my sms on my HTC EVO 3D I only have about a little over 7k sms on the file and when I try to restore this file it will quickly go to 100% then the next window will pop up and say restored completed successful 0 failed 7117 total 7117 can anybody help me fix this issue because I really need my sms back on my phone I even tried doing it one by one and it still gives me this error please help.
    10-19-2011 11:50 PM
  2. srkmagnus's Avatar
    OP, what app did you use to backup sms? Are you using the same app to restore? Doesn't sound right to have a successful restore with no errors yet the sms' are not actually restoring.
    07-24-2012 10:28 AM