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    Sorry for posting here - there is no thread or forum for this device.

    This is for the Samsung Gravity Smart T589.

    This is a stock 2.2.2 froyo rom that is deodexed and themed.

    This was built from a system dump - the firmware hasn't been released yet.
    Please note that I am not a developer - just a tinkerer.
    This will be installed by flashing through the stock recovery.
    There are no custom recoveries available yet for this device.
    This has the majority of the bloatware removed.
    It will utilize the stock kernel already in the phone.
    The ROM download link is provided after the screenshots.
    A RAR file download link is provided with the apps that were removed.


    Removed Drivesmart from Settings.
    Removed Social Network Key from Settings - hotkey defaults to Facebook
    Removed Messaging Key from Settings - hotkey defaults to Message App
    Removed Notification Slider from Settings
    Removed Software Update from Settings - wont OTA a custom rom
    Removed many ringtones and added a few.
    Removed Startup sounds and Shutdown sounds.
    Removed Startup and Shutdown animations.

    Removed the following apps:

    Aim - Bejewled - Allshare - DriveSmart - Dual Clock - Cloud Text - Gallery3d - Glympse - Lookout -
    MallLite - Maps - Memo - My Account - My Files - Photobucket - Protips - Sticky Message Widget -
    Street - Swipe Tips - Talk - Tetris - TeleNav - Uno - Youtube

    Added the following apps:

    File Expert (has root explorer) - Flash Player - Latest Gmail - Htc Keyboard - Latest Link2sd -
    QuickPic (gallery app) - Latest SuperUser + Latest Binaries - Busybox - Latest Terminal Emulator -
    Latest Titanium Backup (free version) - Latest Spare Parts Plus

    Added 3 build.prop edits.
    One for maximum events per second and the other two for sounds.
    The default ringtone is from the movie "Crank" - the fading in and out phone tone.
    The default notification sound is "Tinkerbell" - lol.
    Added a custom boot animation - blue coin.
    Added Sd Card speed tweak + battery tweak.
    Themed several icons through the IC Menu.
    Themed the framework to a black "Sense" theme.
    Themed the battery icons.

    • This device has very little internal space, so I have included Link2Sd app.
    • If you wish to utilize this included app, you must do the following prior to installing the rom:

    Partition the sd card as follows:


    - first partition will be created as a <FAT32> <Primary> partition.
    - (leave about 512mb for the 2nd partition)

    - second partition will be created as a <Ext2> <Primary> partition.
    - this should be 512mb with 0 swap

    Installation instructions:

    - partition sd card (this will erase the contents)
    - download rom (which is an update.zip for the stock recovery)
    - put rom on the sd card
    - power off phone
    - slide open the keyboard and hold down the <T/5> button and the <Power> button until the recovery appears
    - use the <Volume Keys> to scroll to <wipe data/factory reset> and hit the <Power> button to confirm
    - use the <Volume Keys> to scroll to <wipe cache partition> and hit the <Power> button to confirm
    - use the <Volume Keys> to scroll to <apply update.zip> and hit the <Power> button to confirm
    - rom will install and reboot phone automatically
    - first boot will take a minute
    - open Link2Sd app - inform the app the 2nd partition is a <Ext2> partition and reboot phone
    - open Link2Sd app after reboot - hit the <Menu> key then click on <Settings> tab
    - check the <Auto Link> box and click on <Install Location> and click <Internal>
    - most apps downloaded from market will default to the sd card
    - you will have to open Link2Sd app after installing apps and move the app back to the phone
    - then you will have to click each installed app in Link2Sd interface and click on <Create Link> and link all thats permitted
    - this will solve the majority of the limited space issue with this phone


    This phone seems to operate best when the CPU frequencies are set to 320 min and 800 max.
    We can't overclock the phone until a kernel is developed. Samsung hasn't release the kernel or firmware yet.
    Download No Frills Cpu from the market and set the frequencies to those specs.
    The phone is defaulted to 245 min and whatever it needs up to 800.
    At 245 minimum, it uses more battery power to "wake" and if it wakes frequently at this setting,
    it really adversely effects battery performance.



    Download ROM from here -----> T589 Deodexed ROM

    Download Removed Apps from here ----> T589 Removed Apps

    Download Extra FREE Apps from here ----> Extra FREE Apps

    10-26-2011 04:09 AM
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    10-26-2011 04:09 AM
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    reserved again...
    10-26-2011 04:10 AM
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    hey mine says E:Can't open /sdcard/update.zip (bad) how do you partition twice?
    02-25-2012 09:47 AM
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    OK i got a prob guys, I followed the instruction in this tutorial to the letter used MiniTool Partition Wizard Server Edition to format and partition..instead of reexplaining the tutorial ill just tell you after flash and install I'm getting the error process has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again on almost every app i run. I really like the work you have done and the way it looks but i would just like to go back to he stock T-Moble rom I mostly use WI-FI Calling app that comes stock as i live in butfuk egypt and usually don't get a signal...CAN SOMEONE PLEASE POINT ME IN THE DIRECTION OF THE STOCK ROM (WITH WI-FI Calling) PLEASE & THANK YOU
    03-29-2012 06:50 PM
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    Thanks for this! A year later and it's saved my phone from the trash can.

    Is it possible to get a stock rom copy?

    Why IS there no forum for this phone?

    Brand spanking new - thank you!

    06-06-2012 06:17 PM
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    I have installed CWM-Recovery on this phone and when i boot into recovery i get this directory error

    E: can't mount /cache/recovery/command
    E: cant find misc
    E: failed to find "cache" partition to mount at "/cache"
    E: cant mount /cache/recovery/log
    E: cant open /cache/recovery/log
    E:failed to find "cache" partition to mount at "/cache"
    E: cant mount /cache/recovery/last_log

    can anybody help?
    08-12-2012 06:21 PM