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    Hi...I just made the switch from years with Blackberry over to android, the T-Mobile G2X. Overall, i think its great. However, one major function missing from this phone is in-call notifications. If im on a call, and emails (gmail) or texts are received, there is no way of knowing other than looking. My blackberry would beep in my ear, even through my bluetooth. Since I rely on my email for business throughout the day and am on the phone for hours at a time, this is crucial for me.

    Ive found a few apps that say they enable this function for sms, but nothing for email. T-mobile has suggested i look at the Galaxy S or MyTouch slide 4G. Im wondering if a) anybody is aware of an app that would add that functionality to my G2X, or b) has experience with those other 2 models and can confirm they do what i need, or c) has another recommendation. Im totally open, just trying to solve what for me, is a huge issue. Thanks!
    10-27-2011 01:22 PM