1. CynicX's Avatar
    All my friends have iPhones and quite often someone will send a group text message and I'll be included in. Unfortunately I have a dumb phone so it looks like a mess of random text messages and it take more imagination of what's going on.

    Good news is I'm patiently waiting for the Galaxy Nexus. However I'm curious if there is an app for this or if the native texting will work. Something to keep these group text organized between that group, also give me the ability to SEE who all was in the group in the first place so I can reply all.

    I tried searching this but I'm probably not even using the correct terminology. The threads I found didn't lead me to any useful answers.

    Thanks in advance. Btw I'm not looking for an app for ICS but just seeing if there is an android app for this at all...again thanks....
    10-30-2011 01:26 PM
  2. SMoskowitz's Avatar
    Take a look at Groupme.
    10-30-2011 01:31 PM
  3. Moscow Desire's Avatar
    I swear I have seen this exact same post awhile back.

    And the response was the same.

    DeJa Vue
    10-30-2011 01:48 PM
  4. CynicX's Avatar
    It may have been me lol. I asked this question somewhere before, can't remember where though.

    Does Group me need to be installed on all the devices? I need a way to make it work with apples native texting.
    10-30-2011 04:54 PM