12-09-2013 07:40 PM
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    I've had the same problem since restoring my contacts after a factory reset. I searched here for help. Weaselnoze hit on the solution. There are multiple contact lists available for display. In Contacts select the menu key, then More and find Display Options. This willl show you which lists are available for display. One by one, select each one and have it display ALL lists. Then exit and return to your Contacts list. In my case many of the contacts had duplicate entires, because they are stored on the phone as well as the sim card, but I don not display the sim list. The problem with the custom ringtone not playing is because the duplicate entires did not have the custorm ringtone selected. Make sure that each duplicate entry has the same desired ringtone, then go back to Display Options and de-select the contact lists you do not want displayed, then you will find the problem is fixed!! Even though those optional contact lists may not be displayed, the phone considers them as valid and if there is a conflict, it will revert to the default ringtone.
    11-28-2012 06:51 AM
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    I also use Ringo Pro. I have used it for many years and love it. You not only get to set individual ring tones but text tones too.

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    11-28-2012 07:01 AM
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    i know this is a year but caused me alot of frustration weaselnoze was on to it, it worked for me make sure your contacts list only has contacts from your sim and not synced with whats app, we chat, yahoo mail etc and it should go work it did for me
    12-09-2013 03:17 AM
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    Boy, is this thread dead, buried, and a shopping center built over the cemetery, but:

    Ruth, allow me to say, as a software developer who could make a fantastic living if bugs were worth money, that the only way to fix a bug (other than by the sheer luck of happening to do something you didn't mean to do and it fixes the bug) is to be able to reproduce the bug on demand. IOW, if I press these buttons in sequence on your phone, then ran this app, then called that number, and the next incoming call played the ringtone of the previous caller - without fail, every single time - I could START to look for what's causing the bug. 28 days? We had a database that would crash once in a while. About 5,000 customers keep trying to reproduce the bug. For months. After SIX MONTHS, one customer noticed that if the color of a particular product type was spelled a certain way, the bug would occur. Every single time. She called just before lunch. Three of us spent "lunch hour" making sure that the bug was reproducable. It was fixed before we left for our afternoon break.,

    Fixing a bug isn't difficult - determining what's causing it can be impossible. Once you can reproduce it at will, fixing it is usually trivial.

    The reason I haven't posted to this thread all this time is that, in all the years I've used phones with specific contact ringtones (and that's before Android), I've been married to an Irish lady, and her ringtone has been "Irish Traditional". And my niece's boyfriend's ringtone has been the dog in the commercial yelling "BACON". (He makes the most fantastic bacon dishes.) I have about a dozen other "personal" ringtones. Never once in all those years have I had the wrong ringtone come up. Motorola, LG, Samsung and a few companies that are no longer in business. (My first cellphone didn't have "contacts" - you dialed the number you wanted.) Posting "it never happened to me" wouldn't have helped you much. But if you're still reading this thread, maybe it'll help you to understand why "those people" don't "just fix" this bug. Give them (or anyone - not just you) a "this is how you make it go bad - every time" situation and fixing it will take about as long as it takes the coffee to get cool enough to drink.
    12-09-2013 07:40 PM
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