12-09-2013 07:40 PM
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    I am having the problem where I have set custom ringtones for some of my contacts, but they are not always being played as they are assigned.

    I have all of my ringtones in an folder on my sd card (/sdcard/media/audio/ringtones). I have a custom ringtone set as default and other custom ringtones set for a few of my contacts. However, when I receive a call the phone will only occasionally play the correct ringtone. Most times it plays either the default ringtone, or the ringtone assigned to the last person that called (this last option being more common).

    I have googled this problem extensively, and seen similar posts on this and other websites, but nowhere have a I found a solution to the problem.

    Is there such a solution, and if not, how do we get the developers to fix a bug, if that's what it is?

    I would be grateful for any help, this issue is driving me crazy!
    11-06-2011 10:29 AM
  2. Ruth5662's Avatar
    Wow! Over 130 views and not a single reply, let alone solution! Guess I'm on my own with this - although while Googling it I realised many people have this problem, no solution though.

    Anyone have any idea how I can bring this to the attention of Android developers to see if they have a solution?

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    11-13-2011 01:52 PM
  3. Ruth5662's Avatar
    I have googled this problem extensively, and it would appear that many people have the same issue.

    I have posted the same question in several Android support forums, but it appears no-one has a solution. I have also posed this question in the Google Support forum, who again had no solution but who suggested I report the bug to Samsung, as the issue lies with them. I tend to disagree with this as I understand this is happening with Android phones other than Samsung, but I have posed the question to Samsung anyway, and am awaiting a reply and hopefully solution.

    I would suggest anyone else with this problem reports it to their phone manufacturer too, as it may help speed up a solution if it becomes apparent that many people are experiencing the same problem.

    I will post any reply/solution I get from Samsung here, so as to assist others with this.
    11-18-2011 08:29 AM
  4. srkmagnus's Avatar
    Download Rings extended or ring picker and use that to set the ringtone.

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    11-18-2011 09:11 AM
  5. Ruth5662's Avatar
    Thank you for your suggestion, but I have tried this already with no solution.

    I also tried Ringo and Tone Picker to see if they would help - still the problem remains.

    It must be something within the phone software itself causing this, that no other app can control.
    11-19-2011 07:40 PM
  6. Ruth5662's Avatar
    Just got this reply from Samsung:

    Thank you for contacting Samsung. As of yet, Google has not developed a fix for this fault so we may have to have the phone taken in by one of our engineers without any real guarantee it will be resolved. We could set this up for you but you may have to wait 28 days for the phone to be returned to you.


    I am sorry, but I think it is unreasonable to be expected to give my phone up for a month, with no guarantee the issue will be sorted, just to be able to use a facility Samsung state is already available on the phone when it is clearly not.

    How do I get in contact with Google about this?
    11-19-2011 08:02 PM
  7. androidmaster1's Avatar
    post you question in xda-developers forum where it says Q/A. the developers will see it there, and they will start to work on the problem. these developers love fixing things and making things better than they already are.
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    11-24-2011 07:46 PM
  8. Ruth5662's Avatar
    Thank you androidmaster1 - I will do that right now
    11-25-2011 07:53 AM
  9. Nimocone's Avatar
    Feel free to update this post if you get a solution. My Captivate decided to revert every one of my personalized ringtones back to the default ringtone today. No reason and no programs added recently. Very annoying and a pain to re-setup.
    11-25-2011 11:17 PM
  10. androidmaster1's Avatar
    Try this procedure. Clear all the caches in ur settings. Then turn the phone off, then back on. Repeat the steps 3 times, and u may be ok. This is suppose to clear system hiccups. That's what the problem is.
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    11-26-2011 04:46 PM
  11. alb123's Avatar
    Let me ask you this, is your device plugged into your computer, charging, when it doesn't play the proper ringtone? If that's the case, it's because your SD card is inaccessible to your device while it's acting as a mounted drive in Windows. I used to experience this with my BlackBerry. Once you unplug the device from the computer, your SD card is now accessible again and the device will play those ringtones that are stored on your SD card.
    11-27-2011 01:31 AM
  12. Ruth5662's Avatar

    Thanks for the reply but no, this problem is constant regardless of whether my phone is plugged into the computer.

    This problem - or lack of a solution - is really annoying me now as no-one seems to have a fix for it. I have over the last month posted on 6 forums: Android Central, Android Forums, Android Community, Google Android Support, OHA Project Issues and XDA developers. In total the post has had over 2500 views but NO solution!

    I have also submitted the issue to Samsung - they don't know how to fix it either!

    Have I got the only unfixable problem ever to affect an android phone??!!

    I just don't understand why the developers of both the phone and the operating system can't solve a problem in their own product!
    11-29-2011 05:08 PM
  13. weaselnoze's Avatar
    here's a question no one posted... What location are your contacts stored? Are they on phone or google?
    11-29-2011 07:28 PM
  14. Ruth5662's Avatar
    They are on my phone but I have backed them up so not sure if they are in Google aswell. Does this make a difference? However, I have only recently backed up my contacts and this problem started before that.
    11-30-2011 04:59 PM
  15. weaselnoze's Avatar
    yes it does make a difference. dont quote me but i'm pretty sure you want to make sure the contact in question is stored on the phone memory (and i dont mean just hiding the other locations) and not anywhere else (unless its a backup on the SD card) Having the contacts stored in multiple locations ie. google, sim, phone, can cause conflicts.
    11-30-2011 08:00 PM
  16. Absolute7817's Avatar
    I have had the exact same problem on my Verizon Thunderbolt. I am fairly certain that the issue started after the last software update that was done on 10/28.

    Have not found an answer either. Will check back here periodically and will post if I find one.
    12-01-2011 12:14 PM
  17. weaselnoze's Avatar
    @absolue, have you looked at my prevoius post? how do you have your contacts stored?
    12-01-2011 01:44 PM
  18. pazzo02's Avatar
    Have I got the only unfixable problem ever to affect an android phone??!!
    No, there's plenty of unfixable problems affecting Android phones
    12-01-2011 06:16 PM
  19. pazzo02's Avatar
    Anyone have any idea how I can bring this to the attention of Android developers to see if they have a solution?

    I see you say you have contacted Samsung. I assure you, they are the ones that are responsible for the specific version of Android that is on your phone. Every manufacturer has their own modification of Android they use, tailored to the device. Even though you see this problem reported from other devices, for you it's still Samsung's respnosibility to figure it out for your phone. That's how open source software works.
    12-01-2011 06:26 PM
  20. Absolute7817's Avatar

    Not sure honestly. I think the contacts sync with Google. I did look at Google after reading your post, and did not see anything on there about ringtones. I have not actively done anything special with the way they are saved.

    Can you explain how to check how they are save and/or how they need to be saved?

    Ultimately, I am certain this is some sort of glitch with the last major software update (apparently not dependent on brand or carrier.) I had not problems until that update. Even now it is intermittent.
    12-05-2011 09:37 AM
  21. Ruth5662's Avatar
    I have no contacts in Google, they are stored only on my phone and my PC (as backup)
    12-06-2011 04:51 PM
  22. TooOldToLearnTricks's Avatar
    I am having the same problem. On the contacts, the personalized ringtone shows for the specific contact, but when that contact calls, the default ringtone plays. This happens for every contact, whether they have a specific ringtone checked or not.

    I have no idea how to check to see if the contacts are stored on Google acct or not, and I would welcome advice. I followed the tutorial on setting individualized ringtones, and while it shows the ringtone has been "saved" (over and over again), it never is!
    12-09-2011 08:42 PM
  23. Nimocone's Avatar
    One thing I noticed is when I use Ringdroid to set a ringtone to a contact, I don't seem to have any problems. I only use Ringdroid when the phone complains that the file is too big to use as a contact ringtone. If I get the time, I might use it to set the rest of my contacts and see if that solves the problem.
    12-09-2011 10:41 PM
  24. Ruth5662's Avatar
    I tried ringdroid myself not long ago, on the advice of someone from an android forum, but it didn't solve anything for me.
    01-08-2012 01:50 PM
  25. dbareis's Avatar
    Hi, Maybe someone has already suggested this but (1) If your ringtone is on the sdcard and the sdcard is unavailable (mounted as Windows Drive for example) then it won't be able to play it and will use default. (2) Maybe use CatLog to record the android log and see if that shows up anything the next time the problem occurs.
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    01-09-2012 08:33 PM
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