1. doni49's Avatar
    When I turn on Bluetooth (on my Droid Pro), my BT headset doesn't connect automatically like it's supposed to do. If I turn the headset off and then back on while the phone's BT setting is on, then it connects.

    Any ideas/suggestions?

    11-06-2011 10:50 PM
  2. Moscow Desire's Avatar
    Probably normal for your headset to establish a connection. My BT earpiece did the same thing (till I stepped on it)
    11-07-2011 09:26 AM
  3. doni49's Avatar
    Hmmm. My BB used to do it differently. If I made/answered a call and it detected that my BT headset was nearby and on, it would immediately connect.

    Now I have to turn the headset off and then on first--unless it's already connected once since BT was turned on.

    Oh well. I guess there HAS to be something for them to improve.
    11-07-2011 10:03 AM
  4. Devinator's Avatar
    When I turn on BT on my phone, I then turn on my headset. It wont connect at all really, not until I press the button on the BT (the one you'd use to answer a phone call). Once I press that button, the phone almost immediately pairs with the BT device. Give that a shot maybe.
    11-07-2011 11:32 AM