1. hanano17's Avatar
    As the title says, I tried to google search and nothing really came up. Is it possible? If so, same as a regular sim card?
    11-07-2011 06:07 PM
  2. Moscow Desire's Avatar
    not even sure if that's legal or not. I'm sure a nice Good 'ol powered electro-magnet might do a number on it.

    I hear tell devs in Russia and ukraine can possibly do this. some of the sim card kiosk places have been known to reprogram certain parts to get an out of country sim to work locally on their data natwork. but then again, there is a question of legality if you live in the states.
    11-07-2011 11:57 PM
  3. nutpn's Avatar
    It would seem since they fall in the iso specs of other cards like a satellite card that some of those wiping tools from peoples direct tv days may would wipe it.
    12-04-2012 07:08 PM