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    I'm new to Android. In fact I'm so new to Android I don't even have a device yet! Which is where my issue arises. I'm currently using the BlackBerry Bold 9700 but wanted something different so have been looking around. I'm not due for a contract upgrade until December but wanted to put in as much research as possible.

    So I've decided that if I leave BB then it will be for an Android device. However I struggle to make sense of all the devices available. I live in the UK and will be on the Vodafone network and at current they have the Nexus 1 & HTC Desire. I have looked through these devices and there doesn't seem to be glaringly obvious and major differences between them (Nexus has a noise cancellation 2nd mike and track ball - Desire has no 2nd mike, Sense UI and a track pad). Other than those they seem to be pretty much identical devices so I was curious if there was anything that made one device perceived to be better than the other. Also is there an Android device available in the UK or will be available this year that seems to be raising the bar for Android devices? I know the likelihood of the UK getting the Evo4 anytime soon is slim to none which does seem to be the 'class' device available.

    To assist my search and Android journey I've signed up to Android Central and I'm working my way through the podcasts - however given my complete newbie status I really could do with a header in the right direction for relevant information and comparisons. This is by no means a 'what Android should I get' post as there is no way for you guys to know what I want! I'm aware I'll struggle with 'feel' 'balance' 'UI attraction' and such things until I can 'play' with a few phones but I could do with an idiots guide to features etc in one easy place.

    Thanks in advance for any help or hints anyone is able to give. I am trying to look through as many videos that are available to get a sense of what the UI for the devices are like but there doesn't seem to be as much as I had hoped - that or I am looking in the wrong place(s). I will hopefully end up chatting to a few of you in my forum and Android Central journey - also if anyone knows of any other useful android sites - providing A/C don't mind such things being posted - then the links would be very much appreciated too.

    Thanks again.

    05-20-2010 10:16 AM
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    How rude of me! I meant to say hi to you all as well being quite possibly the newest member of the community. Feel free to chat away and message me (if such things are possible on this site, yes I really am that new on here) if the urge takes and again thanks for any future help and being patient with me
    05-20-2010 10:26 AM