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    I am new to android
    Loving the galaxy tab 10.1
    going to get the Galaxy S2

    I need to understand the wifi time out settings.

    the options I have are
    "turn off when screen turns off"
    "never when plugged in"

    I understand the last one...

    1. Does the screen turn off immediately turn off the wifi or after some time?
    2. Never when plugged in is self explanatory but what about when its not plugged in, what's the policy when its not plugged in? Does it turn off when screen turns off?

    Please help
    its killing my battery otherwise..

    thanks in advance

    Hidden Secret
    11-22-2011 08:25 PM
  2. someguy01234's Avatar
    Turns off when screen turns off - as soon as screen turns off , WiFi will also turns off

    Never when plugged in - WiFi will not turn off when connected to a charger.

    Personally I use Power widgets or the app Quick Settings to manually turn off WiFi and mobile data when I don't need it.

    Galaxy S2 is a good choice, if you don't mind the 800x480 resolution.
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    11-22-2011 08:58 PM
  3. baseballfanz's Avatar
    There's a app call Auto Airplane mode, work great and extend my battery a great deal.
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    11-23-2011 12:00 AM
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    Thanks Follk!

    I still have a question regarding the "never when connected to charger"
    that makes sense in itself what is the wifi policy when it is not connected.

    What happens to the wifi when i unplug the charger?
    it stays on?
    it turns off when screen turns off?

    something has to happen b/c its not the same as never or when screen turns off

    please help
    11-23-2011 06:53 PM