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    So, my computer setup consists of a 2007 macbook pro hooked up to a glorious 24' Dell 1080p monitor with speakers. My room is such that this monitor really acts as my "TV" and I play my xbox360 on it as well. But how do I watch videos on it from the comfort of my bed/couch/futon???

    Enter Boxee and the Boxee Wifi Remote app. Boxee is basically like Windows Media Center, but awesome(r). It not only quickly and smartly organizes your music and videos on your computer, it can look on the web as well. You can download "apps" that plug into various online video providers. Youtube? Check. Pandora? Check. Revision3? Check. Failblog? Check. CNN? Check. Wired? Check. The point is, tons of great video content is out there and much easier to use and enjoy.

    The Boxee Wifi Remote app connects to your computer over your wifi network super easily and you can set it to autoconnect if you so desire. Thus, you can lean back and enjoy Boxee from the comfort of your couch/bed/bean bag(?) =) This works great for people using PC's connected to their main TV as well.

    Let me know if anyone has issues, and I hope you all love Boxee as much as I have come to!

    PS if anyone knows a remote app that would control Hulu Desktop please let me know!

    [edit] added an AppBrain.com link for the Boxee Wifi Remote app

    [Update 14July] As commentators have noted, both gMote and RemoteDroid work great for these kind of tasks.
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    05-25-2010 03:06 PM
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    I just use Gmote and use my touchpad to control the mouse on the screen it is very nice and easy. You can get a Hulu desktop app then use Gmote to control it on your computer. Just one suggestion
    06-05-2010 12:04 PM
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    06-05-2010 01:27 PM
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    Awesome, thanks guys. Just installed remoteDroid and it works great
    07-14-2010 01:59 PM