1. DroidAdams's Avatar
    Hello all. I just experienced my first DROID lockup. Phone completely unresponsive.

    Droid Razr from Verizon. To get the phone back (in other words "usable") I followed the advice below. I'm posting it here in hopes it may help someone else down the road.

    "One lingering question is what you’re supposed to do if the RAZR hard locks - obviously since the battery is sealed inside, a battery pull is out of the question. Thankfully holding volume down and power/lock for 10 seconds reboots the device even when the device is totally unresponsive"

    AnandTech - Motorola Droid RAZR Review - A Better Clad Bionic
    12-17-2011 06:30 PM
  2. davegutz's Avatar
    Just for the record, I know this thread is old, I had similar problems caused by old apps from my Droid X installed onto new Razr Maxx HD. In particular, a program called "Startup Auditor" was causing at least half of my problems. Start fresh. If problems, factory reset and remove all apps. And when you get new phone, don't assume any of your favorite apps will work on new phone.
    04-17-2013 05:16 AM