1. goyagoyago's Avatar
    Hello guys,

    I'm looking for a phone to gift my mom for Christmas
    If it was for me, I would just get the best phone money can buy (I have the Galaxy S2).
    But my mom will be using her phone mostly for IMing, web browsing and streaming videos.
    Looks are important as well and she thinks white phones are prettier.

    Now I've searched the web but couldn't find a list of android phones that come in white.
    Perhaps you guys can list a few white android phones off the top of your heads or
    be kind enough to direct me to a page that does indeed list all available white android phones.

    Thanks guys!
    12-19-2011 10:41 PM
  2. Johnly's Avatar
    sounds creepy.....
    12-19-2011 10:42 PM
  3. goyagoyago's Avatar
    sounds creepy.....
    lol! how come?! any ideas for white phones???
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    12-19-2011 10:47 PM
  4. poodlebone's Avatar
    Use Google images and search for white android phone. Lots of pictures come up, including names/model numbers.
    12-19-2011 11:28 PM
  5. dragon718's Avatar
    What carrier?

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    12-19-2011 11:47 PM
  6. goyagoyago's Avatar
    What carrier?

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    preferably one that is unlocked and capable of running on canada's gsm networks (most likely fido). So carrier isn't that big of an issue

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    12-20-2011 12:38 AM
  7. Johnly's Avatar
    12-20-2011 12:45 AM
  8. Moscow Desire's Avatar
    lol! how come?! any ideas for white phones???
    You'll probably have some difficulty getting much in your area for colors. Seems carriers think people are only interested in black or Silver.

    One thing you may look into, are the "skins" you can get to cover the devices. Like a laminated skin. A ton of designs, so I think you can find one that suits her personality. This will allow you to get a decent device, and spend only an extra $8 or so for a skin.

    You can google "your device" + skins, and should be able to find several sites. Check for compatibility as some skins aren't available for some phones.
    12-20-2011 04:34 AM
  9. Johnly's Avatar
    Ever seen a white phone after two years? Thats why. If the manufacture makes it, you can ups it. Location is nothing.
    12-20-2011 04:51 AM