1. n3xtgen's Avatar
    I have a Motorola MB220 and every time I turn the phone on it sends an SMS to 122. This is very annoying since I am being charged $0.20 for each text. There has to be some kind of hidden application on my phone that is doing. I want to completely delete my entire phone and do a fresh install. How can I do this?

    01-07-2012 09:15 PM
  2. baseballfanz's Avatar
    To do a factory reset.
    Settings>Privacy>Factory data reset

    Does sounds like a rouge hidden app slmewhee

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    01-07-2012 09:19 PM
  3. n3xtgen's Avatar
    I have tried this but the same happens
    Well, i took out my SIM card and inserted it into another phone and the SMS stopped sending. Once I put the sim card back in my phone it stated to send again. This means that there is something on my phone. I want to completely remove everything (Fresh install) of Android.
    01-08-2012 10:57 AM