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    I have a problem with the top part (in portrait) of my screen not recognizing application buttons and fields in the that area of the screen right below the pull down notification bar (In the application's header, I think).
    It seems to be effecting all apps, but is more noticeable in apps that have actively used content in that area. The apps I have noticed it in are:
    Maps, Note Everything, GTasks, Android Market, Dolphin Browser and the pull down notification screen itself (Clear All button isn't recognized).
    It doesn't seem to be the screen real estate itself, because if you scroll down in applications that scroll, you can select things in that top part of the screen. It looks like the application's header is just being ignored by the OS, when the phone is in portrait mode.
    If you turn the phone, and go landscape, you can select the content at the top of the screen.
    I have not loaded any new apps, and if I had to guess at a cause, I would say that turning the auto rotate on the screen off, and then back on, several times caused this problem. I do inversion for my back, and recently started reading email while I do it. Several days into this practice, I noticed this problem with the top part of the screen.
    I tried restarting the phone numerous times, using the typing calibration tool (which is reputed online to fix dead spots), checking firmware, profile, PRL and Android Build for updates, and finally doing a factory reset and reloading all of my apps. No joy... Also looked for screen calibration apps in market and didn't find any.
    Has anybody else experienced? Fixed (hopefully)?
    Thanks in advance
    01-18-2012 10:06 AM