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    I'm trying to increase performance on my device and when I go to the "Running" tab I see a long list of programs running. Can you please tell me which ones I can live without. Now my phone is rooted so I can uninstall any of these processes I don't need. I listed below EXACTLY what I see listed under the "Running" tab. Which ones can I axe?

    Anything with "*" I installed.

    HD Widgets* (cached background process)
    Settings (1 process, 0 services)
    SportsTap* (1 process, 3 services)
    3G Watchdog* (1 process, 1 service)
    Factory Test (1 process, 1 service)
    SyncMLSvc (1 process, 1 service)
    DRM Protected Content (1 process, 1 service)
    Google Services (1 process, 2 services)
    Maps (1 process, 1 service)
    Maps (1 process, 2 service)
    Android Keyboard (1 process, 1 service)
    01-19-2012 02:49 PM
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    What device do you have? Some of those processes, such as Google and DRM will restart automatically because it has to do with a system app that needs to run in the background.

    Since you are rooted there are apps you can remove with no side effects. I suggests going into the hacking forum for your device and looking for a safe lists of apps to remove.

    Android handles processes pretty well and will start shutting things down if unused to maintain performance.

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    01-19-2012 06:44 PM
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    @ scotthilt

    srkmagnus +1

    Again what device?

    also you should get Rom Manager or Titanium backup pay on market;

    1) back up all apps!

    2) then freeze the app(s) instead of uninstalling them

    3) test phone with the frozen app(s), any issue unfreeze app

    4) when sure its ok, delete app cache then uninstall apps

    5) head over to xda, find your phone model, read info & list of changes you can try

    6) be sure to be sure of your back ups!

    hope that helps
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    01-21-2012 11:34 AM