1. pseudobbs's Avatar
    I am impatiently waiting for the MeMo 370t to be released, but until then I thought about getting a cheaper tablet to hold me over and get used to the form, size, how apps are different/similar on the tablet, etc.

    I realize the MeMo will be running ICS with Tegra 3 so the experience will be quite a bit different than anything I pick up now, but I had a couple of general questions...

    I am a Sprint customer already and have the Evo 3D. I notice Sprint recently began selling the ZTE Optik, a 7" tablet running exactly the same CPU as my Evo 3D. I have been generally very impressed with the performance on my E3D, and was wondering if I could expect the same performance on the Optik, or if the larger size and Honeycomb OS would significantly affect that in any way, positive or negative.

    Also, the Optik requires a new 2 year contract. I should know this, considering I am a Sprint customer, but does Sprint offer any way of adding the Optik to my existing contract?

    And one last thing: for anyone who has the Transformer Prime, how does it fare if one were to attempt to use it as a replacement for a laptop? Is it powerful enough to replace the laptop I use for school? Are there apps available that are comparable to the ease of use and capabilities of MS Office package?

    Thanks for the help and input...
    02-10-2012 11:13 AM
  2. Hand_O_Death's Avatar
    What do you plan on using it for as a Laptop replacement?

    Simple word processing and web browsing?

    Watching DVDs?

    Document, image, and video editing?


    I would suggest using it more as a netbook replacement than a laptop replacement.
    03-03-2012 08:33 PM
  3. Rukbat's Avatar
    You can add any phone to your existing contract - if you're far enough along to upgrade and if you want to extend the contract. To them it's just a phone, so it works the same as if you wanted to switch to any other phone. If you don't want to extend, buy the phone for the no-contract price and have them change your account to that phone. (Or do it online if Sprint allows you to - Verizon does.)

    There's no cheap solution.

    As far as performance, it should be about the same, except for the larger size.

    If you just want to get an early feel for a larger device, see if you can find a Chinese CDMA tablet on eBay that Sprint will let you use. Since some of those are really junky, hardware- and software-wise, they're usually pretty cheap. Use it until you get your MeMo and toss it into a drawer. (There's an AiShuo 8" Gingerbread for about US$200 - I don't know whether Sprint will activate it.)
    03-04-2012 12:11 PM