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    I have only 150mb of internal memory on my phone. These are some items that consume critical amounts of internal memory space. I hope to raise awareness and find solutions.

    When I download an app, it seems I am downloading an install package. The installed app itself takes up additional space. I believe the install package persists on the internal memory, invisible to the average retail user, and takes up internal space even after the app is moved to the card.

    Ex: an anonymous app
    android market listed size- 3.51mb (this must be the download size of the installer)
    download and install on internal memory, size listed- 5.73mb
    move to SD card, size listed- 2mb
    move back to internal memory, size listed- 5.73mb

    Further thoughts:

    1. The install package seems to remain on the internal memory even though the app moves to the card.

    2. Beyond the above example, I went through each and every item listed in my settings - applications - storage use - All.

    I found 105 total items on internal memory and SD card all together. By adding up the listed "Total" size of each (yes, I went through each and every one), I arrived at approximately 109mb. The phone lists internal memory use at 135mb. I would expect the internal memory use to be LESS than 109mb because some of the apps are on the card. My assumption is that much of this extra internal storage is taken up by all of the installers sitting invisible on the internal memory.

    3. Based on observing the change in the Internal Memory usage when I delete app "Data", I believe the app data is being written to the internal memory even if the app is on the SD card.

    Yet uninvestigated:

    Why isn't the install package deleted after the app is successfully installed? Is there an app for that?

    If I uninstall the app while it sits on internal memory, does it also delete the install package?

    If I uninstall the app without first moving it back to the internal memory, does it delete the uninstall package?

    How can I reclaim this internal memory space for acutal use???

    (wildfire S on virgin mobile)
    02-21-2012 06:48 PM
  2. Cellmeister's Avatar
    Hi betsha,

    I don't know about the "Wildfire S" Phone. I would start Goggling "Root" for "Wildfire S", but here is some info.

    But the best usual fix to get more internal memory & increase speed is to "Root" your phone (which you allows you access the internal apps to dl Root Apps to safely "freeze" unneeded bloatware apps until you can determine which are safe to remove after time & may violate your TOS) the phone (search Root for Wildfire S), verify Root with Root checker, install Superuser

    Then get Titanium Backup or similar on market, then "Freeze" the bloatware to gain more space on internal memory. Be sure to backup all apps prior to removing them with Titanium Backup or similar on the market!

    Usually deleting an APP does not delete the APK for it.

    I will let some others chime in on the rest on APPSD, deleting APK's, etc.

    So you have some searching & reading to do.

    Hope that gets you in the right direction.
    02-23-2012 09:55 AM
  3. pazzo02's Avatar
    When you move an app to the SD card, it will always leave a portion on internal memory for interaction with the system. That's just how it works, and every app leaves a different amount.
    02-23-2012 01:07 PM