1. nanllyn's Avatar
    I've seen some threads about cases but I have a different question.
    I bought the pink hard plastic case that Verizon sells. Love the case and it works great with the slider but I have to pry it off (and it is not easy to take off, I'm afraid of it breaking eventually)every time I want to put the Droid in the car adapter for the gps. Any thoughts on a case that would work with the adapter? I want to protect it but as I said it is a hassle to take the case off everytime I want to use it as a gps.
    Thanks for your time guys. Can't wait to hear your opinions as I want to return this before the return policy runs out.
    11-10-2009 01:32 PM
  2. darkstar's Avatar
    I got myself a leather hip case (velcro, no magnets as it will activate the multimedia dock) with a zagg screen protector....

    i tried the body glove snap on case... and its nice.. but with it hanging on my side.. it felt rather unsecured.

    i just got my dash mount today... wish it came with a vehicle charger though.. mine is just the 'holder' ordered directly from the vzw website.

    also.. i wish there was a cutout for the camera.. just in case i wanted to shoot some movies of me driving

    11-10-2009 02:54 PM