1. reshp1's Avatar
    Is there a way to keep music/audio streaming from the internet browser app even when the screen times out? I've found apps that'll keep the screen on indefinitely for selected apps, but I still want the screen to turn off (for battery savings). It'd also be cool to keep it playing in the background after returning to home screen or running other apps.

    Thanks for the help
    06-05-2010 03:23 PM
  2. Lactose The Intolerant's Avatar
    Have you looked into Pandora? It will continue to play once the screen times.
    06-06-2010 12:48 PM
  3. trixz31185's Avatar
    DO you have a task killer working that may kills apps when the screen goes out? I use an auto task killer that does the former, but if I unselect it whatever I dont kill continues running regardless. If that doesn't work I would try using a different browser all together i.e. dolphin browser etc.
    06-06-2010 12:54 PM
  4. Brett's Avatar
    screebl might be of use to this issue. it's an app that keeps the screen on when you have your phone at a certain angle (whatever you set it too). i use the free one and it works great. the paid one might work even better towards this concern, i think it lets you set what apps will leave the screen on when accessed. not to sure but its possible.

    there probably are apps out there as well that might do exactly what you are looking for. i would google it and see what comes up
    06-06-2010 01:01 PM
  5. reshp1's Avatar
    Thanks for the tips. I do have Pandora, this question is more for when clicking on something on the internet. I'm using keepscreen to keep the screen on indefinitely when running the browser. It's a good enough work around for now. Hopefully the mozilla browser will fix this when it comes out.
    06-06-2010 06:45 PM
  6. cameronmangast's Avatar
    I have the same problem. When I use YouTube on to listen to music as soon as the screen goes black it stops. It also stops if I switch to a different app. This is annoying. I could stream music on my blackberry and go to the home screen with out it stopping.
    05-20-2011 12:25 PM