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    Oops, accidentally posted this as my greeting so am re-posting here.

    First and foremost I am the absolute newbie. I just found out today that Android is Linux based.

    Ya, that new.

    So, I am thinking about rooting my US Cellular Samsung Galaxy S running 2.3.4. My main reason for wanting to do this is to install Avast security and remove the incredibly annoying Google and Samsungappsthat I want off my phone.
    Little background on me, I freaking hate windows, but am still forced to use it on my pc because I don't know enough (meaning anything) about Linux to switch, and being stuck using windows based programs for my business. But over the years I have learned (mostly by trail and massive error) to shut down the worst of windows invasive options. I would also like to do this with Android.

    First, my Android upgrade came with a huge warning that this upgrade is for US Cell users ONLY. It will not work with any other carrier's Galaxy S.
    Second, can a newbie like me figure out how to delete those annoying programs I want gone.
    Third, if this does brick my phone, do I have a chance in Hell of un-bricking it?

    Thank you for any and all help!
    02-27-2012 09:46 PM
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    Have you taken a look at xda-developers.com? I was going to give you an link, but there's like 4 different Galaxy S forums, so you'll have to see which applies to you. When you find it, there is a wealth of information pertaining to rooting and custon ROMs.
    02-28-2012 08:34 AM
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    Thanks for the info paz!

    Unfortunately they don't list my phone but digging through the site I eventually found a link to Superoneclick, a program that is supposed to make it very easy to root your phone.
    The newest version, of course, doesn't seem to work on my phone at this time so if anybody else has any info I would love to hear it.
    02-28-2012 02:34 PM
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    I as stated first, I'm new....
    and apparently an *****.
    I didn't realize (open my eyes) that there is an entire section dedicated to my phone.
    Sorry for the trouble and thank you for everything.

    (psst...Admin, please delete this embarrassing @#$%#@! post)
    02-28-2012 09:23 PM
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    Don't worry about it. We were all new at one point. Glad you were able to find what you needed.
    02-29-2012 08:26 AM