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    I have a couple questions...just got my EVO and am new to Android.

    Is there a Layar for dummies manual around somewhere? I am a bit confused on how to actually use the thing, since I have selected categories (that I care about) and there are also paid layers and free layers and other categories and stuff. I'm not sure what is what. What does "show paid layers" mean in the options? I need some instructions on what the icons on the screen do as well...it all seems very confusing.

    I tried the built in HTC player for my MP3's. It seemed to work ok, but then I tried hooking it up to my car's Aux input (like I would for an iPod). The thing seemed to go into "scan" mode and would only play the first 10 seconds or so of each song, and every 30 seconds or so it would go into "voice dialing" mode all by itself rather than playing back the music. I'm sure something is wrong with what I'm doing...
    06-06-2010 05:51 PM