1. bubbleboy11's Avatar

    I downloaded a great video player for .mkv files, Mobo Pro. I run it and it works really well!

    The problem is, the app will not show up in the "open file with" dialogue. For example, I click on a video file in Opera, or Astro, or ES File Manager, a dialogue opens asking me which program to run the file with, and there is Media Player, MX player, ES Player, but no Mobo Pro player (the one I want to use).

    How can I add Mobo Pro into the list of programs ?? In Windows I can click 'other' and browse for one, but I can't find any such option on Android..

    There is currently no default app to run video on my device, so the dialogue box opens every time, but doesn't include the installed Mobo Pro player as an option. But if I open Mobo Pro and browse to the file it plays perfectly. The reason I can't just use Mobo Pro to browse is because I need to use ES File Manager to browse my LAN videos.

    03-11-2012 01:26 AM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    Have you looked in Mobo Player's options to see if you can tell it which file types to be the default for?
    03-11-2012 11:43 AM