1. chaospoodle's Avatar
    Hey, I rooted my TF101 after receiving the ICS update so I could fix the speaker balance on my device. All I really did while rooted was that.

    I received a firmware update some days back and tried installing it, but it failed. I assumed it was the root, so I unrooted, but it still doesn't update.

    My main question is: is the file I modified preventing the device from updating? I unrooted, so am I going to have to reroot, change the file back to default, and unroot again?

    The file I modified was "srs_processing.cfg" in /system/data.

    I'm posting this question here because I figured that while my question is about my particular device, it still seemed general enough due to the nature of my question (whether a modified file prevents firmware update).

    03-21-2012 11:39 AM