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    Hi all,

    this topic has already been discussed in various forums on this website but no solution has been proposed (in threads that I have read). Some of the probable causes that I have read are:
    - Providor bug. I am having the same issues with guys located in America [EXCLUDE]
    - Sender issue. I have the problem with two different persons they have very different phones. [EXCLUDE]
    - Theme issue. I have not installed a new theme I have had the phone for 5 days. [EXCLUDE]
    - Application issue. Application installed: Whatsapp, spotify, shazam, angry birds, mobile counter, task list, facebook. Dont think that any of these applications are SMS handelers.

    My setting are:
    Phone: Samsung Galaxy TXT (B5510)
    Location: Belgium, Europe
    System: Android Gingerbread 2.3

    It would be nice to centralise discussion of this issuse on one thready.
    04-14-2012 10:00 AM