1. MoCoTerp's Avatar
    Okay, so I upgraded my Samsung Moment and see that I have three e-mail apps. "Email", Moxier "G-Mail", and Moxier "Work E-mail". In E-mail, I have my work e-mail (Active Exchange), my g-mail, and my yahoo accounts. It appears that Moxier "Gmail" is the one the phone wants around to do Google things. It advises me not to delete the account eventhough I have it setup in the "Email" client. I didn't even set up work e-mail on the Moxier "Work e-mail" program. This is certainly screwy in my opinion, but I see no option to delete the Moxier products from my Samsung Moment through settings or Market. Anyone have to deal with this on their phones?
    06-08-2010 10:40 PM